• Common Sense Leadership on the issues
  • Experience with State and Local governmental budgets and a Certified Public Accountant
  • Neighborhood Activism with proven citizen victories
  • Public Finance Campaign program

Why is Gottfried Electable?

  • Elected by the residents for President of Twinbrook Citizens Association (a neighborhood with over 4,000 households) for three years and Treasurer for six years and outreach chair for one year;
  • Elected by over 3,000 accountants in Maryland for Second-Vice President on the Board of Directors for Maryland Society of Accountants and Taxation and a Delegate for three years
  • Attained over 2,500 out of 6,500 Votes (approximately 39%) with nine candidates and one slate of five incumbents running from residents in the City of Rockville non-partisan election for Council!



Real Issues

Common Sense Solutions

PROPERTY TAXES I was one of the few candidates that pledged to vote AGAINST raising your homeowner property taxes. (Montgomery County Sentinel Article, dated 2/22/18, page 10).
TRANSPORTATION Reducing traffic congestion in our neighborhoods by installing smart traffic signals and Investing in infrastructure by utilizing service lanes/reversible lanes on our highways.
BUDGET As a Certified Public Accountant with Big 4 and governmental budget experience, I will be fiscally responsible with our $5.5 billion dollar budget.
EDUCATION Support MCPS system by aggressively lobbying our State legislators for our appropriate share of the Education Trust Fund in order to maintain the highest level of quality education in Montgomery County.
ECONOMY Attract Talent, Retain Talent, and Retrain Talent!
Keep Montgomery County affordable and livable. Support our Small Businesses by providing Moderately Priced Business Units (MPBU’s) and offer a Small Business Tax Credit. Supporting small businesses is essential to the economic health of our County.
ENVIRONMENT Top environmental priorities are improving air quality, ensuring water quality, reducing GHG emissions and supporting the Under2 Coalition.


I am a Candidate for Montgomery County Council At-Large to represent YOU the residents that live in Montgomery County.

My political career started in 2007, representing YOU in my neighborhood as the President of the Twinbrook Citizens Association; as a proven leader representing YOU the residents that live in the City of Rockville; and now I seek your support as a candidate for the Montgomery County Council At-Large to represent YOU the residents that live in Montgomery County.


Montgomery County is at a crossroads… We hear that phrase a lot in politics but with every new federal law, our county is in crisis.  We need a County Council member that will stand up for the people of Montgomery County. We deserve an At-Large Council member that will stand up for us, not big businesses; that will work for the people not special interests. Richard Gottfried will stand up for all the people of Montgomery County.

Richard Gottfried is a Democrat with proven leadership, neighborhood civic activism and governmental budget experience as a Certified Public Accountant.  He looks to the future and knows that government is here to work for us, not the developers, big business or special interests.

Richard Gottfried is a leader that we can believe in.  He will look to the future and deliver progress to all of Montgomery County.

Richard moved to Montgomery County in 1990.  He had worked for some of the top accounting firms in New York but grew tired of working for big business.  He loved the small-town atmosphere and sense of community that Rockville has. He opened his own accounting firm here so he could work for the people, while he worked as the Director of Finance for not-for-profit organizations in Washington, DC.  He began teaching here at Montgomery College. Richard believes that teaching is some of the most rewarding work that he has done, helping others better their lives.

Richard Gottfried understands our issues and will deliver solutions.

Since Richard moved to Montgomery County in 1990, he has served his community and neighborhood.  He has worked to keep class sizes small for our children, to make our community a better place to live.  He has fought for residents and our families and now he wants to serve all of us as our next At-Large County Councilmember.

“I will advocate for all the residents”


  • Since 2007, Richard has worked with over twenty-five civic associations in Montgomery County and the City of Rockville on numerous neighborhood issues.

For example:

  • Richard coordinated the “Twinbrook Parkway” Coalition and local officials to stop a two story industrial office building on being built on a middle school saving the Montgomery County taxpayers over $14 million dollars. The County already has vacant office space to relocate twenty administrators. WE WON!
  • As President of the Twinbrook Citizens Association, I worked with the Presidents from Aspen Hill, Flower Valley, Norbeck Road, Manor Lake, Olney Civic Associations group called “CCARD” to stop the bus depot located in Shady Grove Metro area to being moved to Avery Road as well as the buses being relocated to Lincoln Park and to the West End in Rockville. WE WON!
  • Richard worked with the Montgomery County Civic Federation (MCCF) on their “Budgetpoolza” where Richard presented his report on the Staffing Section for the MCPS Budget ($2.5 billion dollars).

Richard presented to the MCCF members and to two members on the board of education (BOE) to reinstate the Literacy Coach position in the MCPS proposed budget. Richard was victorious, the next day the board of education reinstated the Literacy Coach Position.

As an educator, Richard understands the importance of this position.

  • Richard was invited by the Aspen Hill, Lincoln Park and Twinbrook Citizens Association to present a free seminar on the Homeowners Property Tax Credit and Renters Property Tax Credit and the Senior Property Tax Credit to their neighborhood residents. Richard showed the residents how they may qualify for this credit and possible reduce their real estate property tax bill.
  • Richard has advocated for a “Village Coordinator” in the City of Rockville and this position was added to the City Staff. Richard has advocated for the Twinbrook Neighborhood Village and this group is at its initial stages of formation.

New Leadership for Montgomery County

Remember to Vote on June 26th 2018

About Rich

Putting Our Neighborhoods and Families First

“In 2007 I received a green postcard from the City of Rockville announcing an information session on what the residents wanted to see in the Twinbrook Neighborhood Plan twenty years from now at Rockville High School. This was the perfect opportunity to get involved and meet my fellow neighbors that live in the Twinbrook area. So I went to the information session and Ann Wallas, from the planning department was describing what the City wanted Twinbrook to look like twenty years from now which was they wanted Twinbrook to look like King Farm. I raised my hand and I asked How do we stop you. And Ann replied all that you have to do is to attend the public hearing at the City of Rockville Planning Commission and testify on the Plan and you get three minutes to talk. So I did.”

Richard Gottfried was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York. Richard attended Syracuse University where he earned a B.S. in Accounting. He received his Master’s Degree in Taxation from Georgetown University.
After his graduate degree, Richard worked for some of the top accounting firms in New York. He found the work interesting but he knew that he wanted to focus more on smaller clients, where he could have a real impact on their businesses, and make things easier for smaller businesses.

As a result, Richard moved to Rockville in 1990. He loved the small town feel and sense of community. While putting himself through graduate school at night, he began his career here as a Controller for family owned business and worked as the Director of Finance for not-for-profit organizations in Washington, DC. He began teaching at several colleges in the Washington area, teaching various accounting and business courses for undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Richard believes that teaching is some of the most rewarding work that a person can do.

Richard knew that this is where he wanted to spend his life, so in 2001 he bought his home here in Rockville, in our Twinbrook neighborhood. In 2006, Richard opened his accounting firm here. Every year he has seen his business grow. When Richard says he cares about small businesses here in our community, you know that he truly does. He is right there with you as a small business owner himself. He wanted to make our city and neighborhoods a better place to live so he became involved.

Even though growing his business and serving his community took up most of his time, he continued to teach and found the time to play sports. He even found the time to organize recreational tennis teams. Since 2008, Richard has been a top-ten league director for World Team Tennis.

In fact, he will tell you that tennis changed his life. In 2009 he met Stacey Freeman at Branden Field, in Greenbelt Maryland, at a World Team Tennis match. It was love at first sight. In February 2010 they were engaged and on November 27, 2010 they were married at the Morningside Inn in Frederick, MD.

Richard has stayed involved in community issues since 2007. He worked to keep the city from increasing the refuse and recycling fee, saving the city taxpayers 5 million dollars. He is advocating with many residents in the Twinbrook neighborhood and several Montgomery County council members to stop the County from building the Children’s Resource Center on Broome Middle School and saving the taxpayers over 14 million dollars. The County has between 14% to 16% of its office space vacant and this is the best place for this agency.

In 2014 Richard was elected President of the Twinbrook Citizens Association and is serving his second term. He works with his neighborhood association to keep our city a place we can be proud to live in and raise our families. Richard recently lobbied with other neighborhood associations to keep the city from increasing the class size in our schools. Initially, they were successful; however, the City Council changed their vote after being persuaded by fat-cat developers.