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The Fight for $15

I will vote to bring $15 per hour to Montgomery County, but I need your help to get there! Donate today so we can Make $15 per hour a reality!
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I believe in the fight to raise the Montgomery County minimum wage to $15 per hour. While Trump is the President we will not see a national increase but as a community we can come to together and make this a reality.Montgomery County Fight for $15

I think a big step to making forward progress on Social Justice is to bring up our minimum wage across Maryland. Right here in Montgomery County we must set the example, and lead the effort to bring a livable wage to Montgomery County and all of Maryland.

It is impossible for a family to live on minimum wage income. Families who work for minimum wage are forced to work more than one job or to rely on public assistance to make ends meet. Because they are left behind, some organizations suggest that these low wages cost the taxpayers nearly $7 billion dollars in public assistance.

There are many in our community, fast food workers, restaurant workers, and home health personnel that work for minimum wage. Industries that make billions of dollars but the workers have been left out making the least, relying on taxpayers to make up the difference.

Now is the time to move forward, to be progressive and insure that our workers are paid a living wage. I will stand up for you, stand up to bring a living wage to workers, but I need you to join me in this fight! Contribute Today!