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New Leadership for Montgomery County
Montgomery County is at a crossroads... We hear that phrase a lot in politics but since the election of Donald Trump, our county is in crisis.  We need a County Councilmember that will stand up for the people of Montgomery County. We deserve an At-Large Councilmember that will stand up for us, not big businesses; that will work for the people not special interests. Richard Gottfried will stand up for all the people of Montgomery County.

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Richard Gottfried is a Progressive Democrat with Progressive Values.  He looks to the future and knows that government is here to work for us, not the developers, big business or special interests. 

Richard Gottfried is a leader that we can believe in.  He will look to the future and deliver progress to all of Montgomery County.

Richard moved to Montgomery County in 1990.  He had worked for some of the top accounting firms in New York but grew tired of working for big business.  He loved the small-town atmosphere and sense of community that Rockville has. He opened his own accounting firm here so he could work for the people, while he worked as the Director of Finance for not-for-profit organizations in Washington, DC.  He began teaching here at Montgomery College. Richard believes that teaching is some of the most rewarding work that he has done, helping others better their lives.

Richard Gottfried understands our issues and will deliver solutions.

Since Richard moved here he has served his community and neighborhood.  He has worked to keep class sizes small for our children, to make our community a better place to live.  He has fought for residents and our families and now he wants to serve all of us as our next At-Large County Councilmember.

"I will fight for all the residents as your next At-Large Montgomery County Councilmember."


Real Issues...Progressive Solutions

  • Affordable Housing- Housing prices have been going up in Montgomery County for years, Richard knows the county must do more to bring affordable housing to our residents, do more to make the big developers not the taxpayers pay.
  • Fight for 15- Our County Council dropped the ball on the minimum wage increase. Richard will fight for you, to make the minimum wage a living wage.
  • Education- In addition to being a CPA, Richard is a teacher at Montgomery College.  He has stood up for smaller class sizes and increasing our education budget here in Montgomery County.  He knows education is the key to better lives for our residents, and our children.


Remember to Vote on June 26th 2018